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Travel Journals for Globetrotters and Backpackers

When planning holidays, adventures and even day trips, a journal is a part of the personal journey and becomes your companion as you take your dreams and bucket list must do experiences to the World that is to be discovered for self fulfillment. We can all make notes, sometimes in our mind, sometimes on paper, but a journal is actual experience and here are a few journals that combine diary and logging  with planning and itineraries as well as being a keep sake and folder to hold documents.


Travelogue original journal


If you are planning a trip of a life time, and extraordinary adventure backpacking around Australia then the Travelogue is made for you. Produced in natural card with black writing it has your details, and then notes in between the travel pages for those interconnection flights and transfers keeping all your plans and itineraries in one place.

Hop on a short flight from Perth to Learmouth and then hire a car to go around the cape and Exmouth. Log all your descriptions of travel down and costs in the budget section of this well organised journal you won’t miss a thing. On the activities pages pop in your must do adventures, like ” drift snorkel over lush coral gardens teeming with shimmering fish” at a must do visit to Ningaloo Reef.

There’s lots to do along the coasts and inland to the national parks. Drive along the Indian Ocean along the North of Perth and enter another world, of the Pinnacles Desert and experience abseil, horse riding trekking the trails, eat rock lobster then take a trip to Monkey Mia and feel the truly magical moments when bottle nosed dolphins swim into shore to interact.

Then sit back and write all about your amazing adventures in the travelogue journal. With you all the way for a once in a lifetime backpacking extravaganza


The Travelogue Journal Maroon


Get the journal designed for globetrotters that will carry all your details and help you plan your flights and keep track of places to visit. The stylish Maroon journal comes in a wrap around folder in matching color with pockets to keep travel documents safe and all in one place. Haven’t got a lot of time to write lengthy details of your travels, but need to make notes, then this journal is for you with 8 mini scratch maps of the world you can just scratch off the foil layers as go to reveal where you’ve been, giving you an instant record. Then use the diary pages to log down your favorite places and culture, best adventure or meal.


The Travelogue Journal Royal Blue


A great easy to use journal for busy globetrotters and backpackers on a budget who need organised checklists and itineraries to fit everything in, carry documents and leave more time to have fun.

The smart blue journal has a wrap around folder for storing the 8 mini scratch maps to record your travels, and pages in the journal to write down contacts and numbers for them all important stop overs. planning multi trips is hard work and so the checklist is all laid out for you and log down any flights and travel details for the all in one must have journal. The diary pages are sectioned out already with date and place so you can just write as you go.


Your journey starts and continues with the Travelogue Journal that also never forgets.

Unusual gifts for men, perfect for any occasion

Get the unexpected with an unusual gift for men that will get him thinking, get him organized and encourage him to enjoy a bit more of his time, to plan days out, be more creative and adventurous. Make it a birthday to remember and surprise with a useful map that can inspire fun, use as a memo board or looks great on the wall, or get him a camera, that isn’t a camera, or a notebook with a difference.

Corkboard Map

The strong adhesive backed cork map shapes that make up the world as we know it, but he can create the world he wants to know. Decorate the wall with this cork map of the world and use it to see at a glance your weekly must do list by pinning reminders on it, or to plan future holidays or even to remember past ones by pinning a photo of your travels on the country you have been to. A charming gift with many uses that leaves a lot to the imagination. Plan it all on the wall and not in a square cork board, that would be boring !. Comes complete with pins and a lovely presentation box.

Camera Light

Styled like a retro camera, and he still might like to pose, but this rechargeable bedside light or portable camp light will really light his way. Use the shutter button to turn on and off and have that nightlight that gets you to the bathroom without blinding yourself. Comes with a USB charging cable and is useful to take on trips or camping. An unusual gift for men who like to be ready for any occasion with cool gadgets, he is ready for anything.

Waterproof Notebook

Nothing better than hand written notes and sketches, that the modern phone just cannot replicate. Topped by the fact that this superior waterproof 80 page journal made from stone paper will let you write anywhere without it being spoiled by weather conditions or fluid accidents like knocking your coffee over. This classic journal has a tan leather effect cover and page saver and will suit all occasions, for work or pleasure, hobbies or planning.

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