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Handy Tips to Living the “Less Is More” Mantra

The “less is more” mantra is not something new in anyone’s vocabulary. Minimalism and anti-consumerism have received a great amount of praise over the years, however saying it is one thing whereas doing it is something completely different. With the onset of the infamous spring cleaning season (is it really warm enough to call it spring?), parting with memorabilia and old furniture items that you scouted out from your local kitsch furniture store may be tough. You may have the desire to plummet all of these goodies into the basement for no one to see. Or perhaps you live in an apartment and cannot afford to pay for an extra storage to keep your unholy items. A kind Handy professional may be able to help you organize all your junk, such as by mounting up a TV mount, bookshelf or headboard. Nevertheless, living by this motto takes more effort and time than you may think.


What does the mantra really mean? We asked a bunch of Handy employees to bring some truth to what they’ve seen in their days cleaning the ins and outs of apartments and homes. Most of the employees believed that the cleanest spaces were those that emitted the idea of following a less is more mantra. This was obvious by the fact that the items that were presented were well-kept and maintained over time, a symbol of them paying high attention and care for the items that bode in their home. The idea, as said by a Handy legendary employee (she’s been around since day one), is that you must put more emphasis on quality over the quantity of items that you have.


When it comes to designing and laying out the blueprint of your home, another important point is to design with great intention. Like any plan, you must first lay out your objectives. What do you want for your home? A great space where you can get cozy with your loved ones and cat, or a displayed space for grandiose black-tied parties? Decide what it is that you want out of your home, the mood and atmosphere you hope it will emit. Then design every single room that you hope to re-decorate with that same intention.

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