Tips for motorbike traveling

Do you like adventures? Ever dreamed about driving along for miles? Motorbike travelling is a great way to fulfill your dreams. Solo motorbike journeys allow you to visit new places, meet new people and get the fresh breath of long journeys. Like any other travelling style, bike touring has its peculiarities and things to know. Today we are going to share with you some considerations about it.

  • Begin and finish your day as early as possible. When you are doing big miles, it’s better to get up at about 6 am and be on the bike no later than 8 am. This way you get an awesome opportunity to observe beautiful morning lands and have enough time for your day plans. Try to finish your daily tours early and be sure to reach the town before sunset. Because it’s difficult to drive in the dark and you attention can decrease.
  • Driving a motorbike causes quite a loud noise, especially at high speeds. Constant wind and roar of the engine can damage your hear and lead to brain strain. Using earplugs can help you reduce the main noise and hear the surrounding sounds better. Still, you shouldn’t turn on any loud music, because it distracts your attention and can be bad for your ears.
  • While GPS is an indispensable thing in a city, it comes only tangling on country roads. We mean those units attached to motorcycles. Prefer GPS mobile applications or, what is better, a paper map. The latter allows you to see much more of the area at a time and won’t go dead at the middle of tour track.

Examine your motorbike every time you stop for lunch or dinner. It is extremely important that your iron horse is in proper condition, especially if you are on a long journey. Inspect the tires, sprocket and chain, check for any leaks under the bike. Anyway, choose a bike from a reliable brand, such as a BMW motorcycle which was designed for enduro sport.

  • Share the plan of your tour with your relatives and friends. When you are in a long remote journey, especially in unfamiliar areas, there should be someone to know where you are. If possible, connect to some social networks during your way and post about your place and condition. Even if nothing wrong happens, your family will just be sure that you are safe and sound.

When driving alone for several days, you may start to feel lonely. To avoid this, don’t forget to share your impressions about the trip in social media. It’s a nice way to express your emotions and keep in touch with the world. Don’t forget to take your camera with you, as you will be likely to see a lot of amazing views. A Waterproof camera is a great variant for you, so that you won’t worry about the weather.
Hope, these tips will be useful for you. Wish you a safe trip!

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